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This program is designed to act as a set of electronic vocab cards.

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  1. Select the range of lessons to be quizzed over using the dropdown boxes at the top left of the page.
  2. Click the Next Card button (or press the "n" key) to see a random vocab word from the selected lesson range.
  3. Click the Flip button (or press the "f" key) to view the answers. Use the Occurances, Mem. Aid., and Scripture checkboxes to view/hide the various elements of the card. You can flip back to the other side of the card to view the word again by clicking the Flip Back button (or pressing the "f" key again).
  4. When all the words have been cycled through, click the Start Over button (or press the "s" key).

Study Options:

These options control the actions of the Incorrect and Next Card buttons.

Incorrect Word:

Filter: (only available when Make Separate Stack option is selected)

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