Hello, I’m a Mac…

Yes, i couldn’t update my blog on my life without mentioning that i’ve seen the light (or least drank the koolaid) and got a Mac.  With the help of some left over graduation and Christmas money, i bought a 15? 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro with 2GB of RAM, currently running OS X 10.5.2 Leopard.  I ordered at the beginning of December, and it was awaiting me when i arrived home for Christmas break.  So i’ve used it all this semester and been quite pleased with it.

There were several things I wasn’t sure I was going to like about it, but either the aroma exuding from the package caused me to forget all of that or they weren’t as bad as i thought they would be.  For example, I was previously a ThinkPad user, and was in love with the little red eraser trackpoint and had never had much success with the trackpad. So I was afraid i would have difficulty adjusting to the MacBook Pro’s trackpad.  But i’ve been using it without a hitch pretty much from day one.  It’s much more “intelligent” than trackpad’s i’ve used in the past with only moving or clicking when i want it to.  I love the 2-finger scrolling, in fact it annoys me when it doesn’t work on the Dells in the Media Center 🙂

I obviously still use Windows at work, and I actually dual-boot Vista via BootCamp and VMWare Fusion (once Logos for Mac gets completed that may change…)  I’m still pretty much of an Apple n00b but i’m planning on delving into AppleScript and Objective-C this summer as time allows (XCode is sweet!).  I may also add a triple-boot option of Ubuntu Hardy Heron, we’ll see how it goes…

If anyone else out this is thinking about switching and you have any questions, fire away in the comments.


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