Life as a GA

Well, it’s that time of year again. Classes officially started today. Of course, I’ve already been down here at BJU since Aug 11, since work started the 13th. This semester brings a new perspective/challenge, as I’m now a part time student, and a part time faculty member. Basically as some of my friends and I have boiled it down… when it’s advantageous for the University for you to be a student, you’re a student; and when it’s advantageous for the University for you to be faculty, you’re faculty. I’m enjoying it so far, and I look forward to what God will teach me through it.

My “faculty” position is a bit unique. Although I’m classified as a “teaching graduate assistant (ga),” I don’t teach any classes. However I do work for the school of education in the Media Center. The Media Center is a multimedia and resource lab on the second floor of the Alumni building. The MC is also in charge of distributing the multimedia equipment (laptops, projectors, monitors, etc) that the teachers use in the classroom. So my job is some kind of a cross between an IT technician, computer lab assistant, and tutor. The way I like to refer to it is “I get to help students and work with computers!” both of which i love.

Anyway, without further ado, here are this semester’s classes.

  • Hom 634 – Expository Sermon Preparation – Dr. Reimers
  • OT 633 – Biblical Hermeneutics – Dr. Hankins
  • CMn 651 – Christian Discipleship (Grad preacher boys) – Dr. Berg (we’ll be going through Changed into His Image)
  • Th 601 – Systematic Theology – Dr. Bell (lots and lots of reading)

That makes a total of 9 credits to which I add 27.5 hours of work in the Media Center. At least it’s 9 month GAship, so I have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the summer off 🙂

I will also hopefully have some opportunity to work with the teens at Faith Baptist Church, and I’ll probably continue ministering at Shepherd’s Care assisted living center, some too. All in all, it looks like a busy semester… well, that’s normal. 🙂


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