School is in session

Well, back in the daily grind of academia here at BJ of U. Classes started on Wednesday, and everything is in full swing as evidenced by a full load of homework this weekend. To copy a friend of mine, here is a list of the classes I'm taking this semester in no particular order.

  • NT 460 ~ Gospels and Acts
  • ALG 201 ~ Intermediate New Testament Greek
  • Pr 301 ~ Junior Preacher Boys class: Ministry and Law / Church Education
  • En 202 ~ Early British Literature
  • RPA 302 ~ Pulpit Speech
  • CpS 109 ~ Introduction to Programming: VB.NET
  • OT 320 ~ Historical Books: Joshua – Esther

All in all… 18 credits. Add to that 15 hours of work on stage crew per week, it makes for a pretty busy schedule.

For those that don't know, I'm a Junior Bible major, (and as of this semester) with a minor in Information Technology (IT). (The major/minor combo explains the Bible and CpS classes, the fact that Bob Jones University is a liberal arts school explains the literature.)

Well, got to get back to that homework… Mmmm, Beowulf…


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